Guitars That Got Away

1976 Fender Stratocaster

It all went wrong along the way to Shoreline Gold

An attempt at a Shoreline Gold Strat

At some point I decided I should get a 70s Fender Stratocaster. I do not recall the reasons why, as we all know it is a stupid idea as they sound like crap and play like crap. On top of that they are heavy as a horse. Although the glass like lacquer on the neck is awful, this guitar at least had it all removed from the fretboard which made it barrable. 

When I got this guitar it was a natural wood finish and along with the fact it was so heavy, I decided I would replace the body with a lighter vintage style body and have it painted Shoreline Gold by Rock Repairs in Sydney. Somehow, the guitar came out a horrible mustard colour and not anywhere near Shoreline Gold. At this point I had lost all interest in the guitar and sold it to Brad Shepherd of the Hoodoo Gurus.

Brad used the guitar in at least one of the band’s video clips, and kept it for many years. For all I know he may still have it, clearly it worked for him more than it did for me.

Like all Fender guitar of this period, it had a three bolt neck joint and the neckplate with the large F on it. When I changed it to the new body, I also had a four bolt neck plate put on it, complete with the large F also. Alan Rigg of Rock Repairs sourced the new neck plate for me.

This guitar got away from me yes, but honestly I was glad to see it go and i have no regrets. It went to a great home, had a better musical life than I could have given it, and hopefully it is still rocking on.

Serial Number: 335316 (Removed)

Neck Date: Unknown

Body Date: Replaced

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