Guitars That got Away

1982 Fender Stratocaster

Gold on Gold 'Smith' Stratocaster

Signaling impending change at Fender

The ‘Smith Strats’ that appeared in the early 80s signaled a change coming at Fender. Gone was the large headstock of the 70’s guitars, but the headstock was not like those of the originals either. Also making a welcome return, the four bolt neck joint.

These ‘Smith’ Strats were a precursor to the first reissue guitars announced in 1982, and released in 1983. I decided to get a ‘Smith’ Strat and this gold on gold example came up for sale at Mahars Vintage Guitars, USA which I landed for around AUD$2,050. I kept it for a few years in the hope that these guitars would see a rise in value, but alas, little happened.

To be fair, it was not a bad guitar, and while it still had the classic 70’s large STRATOCASTER headstock decal, the neck did not have the thick glassy lacquer of those 70’s guitars. The  pickups were still weak, and the body still heavy, but it was a move towards better production and design. However, it was not enough for it to stay with me, and it was let go, with no regrets.

Serial Number: CA11357

Neck Date: Unknown

Body Date: Unknown

Pickup Date: 10682

Pot Date: 19-8204

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