Guitars That Got Away

1987 Kramer Pacer American

I jumped on the Kramer Bandwagon and loved it!

Lost more than just money when I off loaded this one

I am not entirely sure what happened in the late 1980s, but I had been out of bands for a while and had offloaded all of my old Stratocasters at the time. (what?) I was about to start playing live again as I had been writing for a while and for whatever reason I thought this American made Kramer was the answer for live gigs, and I was right. The humbucker and two single coils was a great combination and the pickups if I recall correctly was a Seymour Duncan JB (Jeff Beck) Humbucker, and the single coils were ‘vintage’ style Fender single coils.

This pickup combination offered a lot of sound variety live and I loved this guitar for it. It also stayed in tune better than the Strats I had owned previously thanks to the Floyd Rose Tremolo. The neck felt great, nice shape and a lack of glossy lacquer on the back of the neck made it easy to play. It looked nice when i bought it new, but by the time I offloaded it, it was much worse for wear. Now if memory serves me well, I paid about AUD$2,500 for this guitar brand new, and I sold it for a rather pathetic $250! I have no idea why I sold it for such a pathetic amount as I did not need money at the time, and I totally regret it as I wrote so many songs on it and for that reason alone I wish I had kept it.

Serial Number: E11207

Neck Date: Unknown

Body Date: Unknown

Sadly the guitar took a few knocks during my ownership, with the lacquer coming off on the front of the headstock, and a rather big gouge in the top/front of the body, right through to the wood! The black wore off the Floyd Rose Tremelo too and rust appears in the nut lock bolts as seen below. If you are wondering why in some pictures the body looks a bit pink, it was because the finish was a white pearl paint which did change colour in different light.

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