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Frank Lucido Photoshoot

A couple of very rare Vintage Fender Guitars

Rare Vintage Fenders

As I walked into Frank Lucido’s new store in the Valley, there he was setting up two very rare vintage Fender guitars for a photoshoot. He had pro lighting setup and for memory there was a pro photographer there too.

As they set each guitar in place I took the opportunity to take a quick snap too, as these were two very rare guitars, the likes I had not seen before, or since.

The first was a Fender Swinger in Dakota Red finish, and is was very near mint condition too. The Swinger was released in 1969 and was an attempt by CBS to extract cash from inventory by combining unused bodies from the Duo sonic II and the failed Fender Bass V with parts from the Fender Musicmaster. 

The second guitar was a far more valuable guitar, a late 1950s Stratocaster in Candy Apple Red with gold parts. It was not clear if this had been refinished or not, but the wear on the fretboard compared to the body would suggest it was possible. But given the special treatment Frank was giving it, I would say not.

Frank Lucido has an interesting and enlightening view of the Vintage Guitar market these days, read it here if you dare!

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