Guitars That Got Away

2006 PRS Private Stock

The most beautifully made guitar on the planet!

Build quality like no other guitar

When you photograph guitars all day for a high -end guitar store, you get to see and play some amazing guitars, from limited edition Gibson Les Paul Historic, to Masterbuilt Fenders and everything in between. The guitars that impressed me the most, were the PRS (Paul Reed Smith) guitars, and in particular their Private Stock guitars. Private Stock guitars are the Masterbuilt guitars from PRS, and I am here to tell you they are perfection.

In my time I had several of these high-end PRS Private Stock guitars sent to me to photograph and this particular guitar was just amazing. The inlay work that went into this guitar is exceptional, and the quality of that inlay work is out of this world. Combine the amazing inlay work with the incredible flamed maple tops and this guitar just outshines anything else.

Serial Number: 6 112 091

Neck Date: Unknown

Body Date: Unknown

The amazing inlay work extends right up the neck and hits overdrive when it gets to the headstock. The body inlays are simple by comparison to the neck and headstock, which by any measure is just breathtaking. I can only imagine just how many hours of work goes into the fretboard inlays alone, as there is so much detail and a variety of materials used to create the, final ‘artwork’ on the fretboard.

From a playing point of view, the PRS Private Stock guitars are as you would expect, fabulous. The back of the neck feels like raw wood, I am sure it is sealed, but the feel is that of raw wood and it feels great. No need to play it for 20 years to get the lacquer off!

At the time I photographed this PRS Private Stock guitar, it was for sale at around AUD$13,500, and I came very close to buying it, I was however unsure of the long term value of these PRS Private Stock guitars. I would have been far better off investing in this guitar than some of the other guitars I bought in its place…stupid me!

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