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Like myself, most of my fellow collectors were into Fender guitars and we spent many occasions together looking at what we had collected. These gatherings happened at my place most often, and at this stage of my life I lived on a large property in the foot hills of the Blue Mountains in Sydney’s west.

We had a fire place in the house, and to go with it, an area where we would chop the wood for the fire. It seemed like the perfect place to photograph the guitars on this late afternoon as the sun was going down for the day.

I can recall at the time we would all be adding up the value of the guitars we had there on the day, and on this day we were looking at around AUD$20,000 – $25,000 which we thought was incredible. Little did we know that each of these guitars would be worth that amount on their own at some stage in the future.

1966 Fender Electric XII in Ice Blue Metallic (I owned this guitar)

1966 Fender Electric XII in Candy Apple Red

Late 1950s Fender Telecaster in Blonde

Pre L Fender Stratocaster in Lake Placid Blue

L Series Fender Stratocaster in Sonic Blue

Late 1950s Fender Stratocaster in Black

1956 Fender Stratocaster in Sunburst (I owned this guitar, more on it here)

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